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Nomadic Ethics

The home of complaints that found no legitimate "position."
Your move, Internet.

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Speaking from a position of privilege. In an almost uncanny affirmation of Nietzsche's Insights about the victory of slave morality Or...

Parental Advisory

(so obvious, and yet I couldn't find anything like that (except sometimes people misspell "explicit" with an "a" for some reason). I...

Of Gas and Light: A Haiku

Show me a person Who never "gaslights" Their own goddamn self And then talk to me about Gaslighting as A hostile strategy As a torture...

History Shows

Djuna Barnes writes in Nightwood: “When a Jew dies on a Christian bosom, he dies impaled”. Perhaps it should be added that When native...

Transcendental 'Hatred'

I see what is deemed 'hatred' today as the expression of a synthetic a priori principle which presides over a liberally-limited field of...

Political Theology I: Envy

This should be read Machiavellianly: When power wants (or needs) to secure itself against life's mis-fortunes - a problem aggravated the...


It is said that Socrates was considered the wisest by the Athenians, following the words of Apollo's famous oracle in Delphi. Socrates,...

A Kuan

Can one achieve orgasm by licking one’s wounds? (#nietzscheandthenfreud) [Picture credit:

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